June 15, 2017

How to Live Like Its the Last Year of Your Life


How to Live Like Its the Last Year of Your Life

Blog is inspired by the loss of friends and recent news from industry peers stricken by cancer.

Do really things that really matter just to you, but for a higher purpose....this is my journey...

If you think you have all the time in the world to get stuff done, do something meaningful, live free from judgement, regret, and anger...well you don't....wake the fuck up. I used to live fast and loose, indestructible, and uncaring about anything in the world including personal relationships.

I am fortunate to have lived a life of adventure, and along the way managed to do some good... but often, I also felt empty when I helped others, never completely fulfilled. I felt like I was going thru the motions making everyone happy and saving people along the way...But then, I hit rock bottom, that was about 9 years ago, when I chose a different path to find meaning in my life. I became aware of my barriers, dissociation, and stories that I made up about my life. Through self education, reading books, writing profusely daily, saying positive mantras, learning from transformative education, and surrendering to mentoring from men in MDI, Mentor Discover Inspire, a nonprofit I am eternally grateful for....I have found freedom to be the man I am today, clear with powerful values, purposeful direction, passionate fearlessness to get everything done, taking ownership of all my relationships, walking the talk, and bringing my best self to work, relationship, and community...I love my kickass life.

With Great Failures Come Great Rewards...Over the course of the last 5 years, I dedicated my life to help inspire and collaboratively fund travel. I succeeded in doing so 3 times. It is my fault the social enterprise did not succeed. But I learned to follow through, give myself the chance to fail and get up, and met some wonderful people along the way including; Jerry the owner of Silver Lining Travel. I held onto the dream of making a great success a bit too long; but a great lesson came out of my follow through the power of my tenacity...passion, purpose, and vision. I am unafraid to go against the grain, stand on the edges of society and do things men and women would only dare to try....this is where I thrive.

Fearless to Be the Real Me

Today, I live like this is it. Everyday, every hour, and every moment is another opportunity to be of service while balancing what I need and I am passionate about. I love to help connect professionals to kickass jobs they love, and create meaningful and experiential parties that make a lasting difference. Waking up early to get everything done every day, I gift myself time alone, time to connect and be of service to clients (companies), candidates, and now I have taken on both party creation (enrollment), and mentoring which I am truly enjoying. My life is no longer, solely driven by making money and profit, but by making a positive impact, and the ability to touch others in their lives...I am so grateful, I laugh out loud a lot.

You like me great, you don't like me great...either way I am content.

My life's purposeful motivation is the reality that any day may be my last, but along the way I made a positive impression on everyone I came into contact with. I inspire change, I bring joy, and love into the world....kickass & party for good join the club.

What are you willing to do, to learn, and risk to live the last year of your life today?