October 25, 2017

Hire Grateful Workers

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Hire Grateful Workers

Recently, I placed a professional at a job, the first thing he did was thank me for representing him for a great opportunity. I find that candidates who are grateful are connected, present, and responsible. They appreciate everything in their life. As companies struggle to find and retain talent, they would be well suited to focus their efforts on hiring grateful workers.

How to Identify Grateful Workers

Ask Heart Centered Questions

  1. What supervisor past taught you something new?
  2. Who do you admire most, and why?
  3. Have you mentored or taught someone else a skill? Who was it?
  4. How did it make you feel to have an impact on another person?
  5. If you got the job today, what value could you contribute to making our company better?

Grateful Companies Hire Grateful Employees

Companies that create rich valued cultures, attract grateful talented professionals that can outlast and outperform most workers.


Gratitude Comes From...

We are all less than perfect, only when we forgive ourselves and others, can we accept ourselves, and others. The true nature of our emotional maturity is gratitude. Achieving a healthy balance to serve ourselves and others, we grow from within. And our gratitude empowers all.

Consider hiring moms first, they seem to get gratitude like no one else....want help finding grateful moms? Recruiting for Good is launching a high purpose cause, Our Moms Work, helping L.A. moms find part-time jobs they love.