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    Teach Kids Peace of Mind


Rewarding Kids Meditation

Recruiting for Good is on a fun mission to fund kids meditation, teach peace of mind, and improve their lives. ...launching in 2020.

Personal Message from R4G Founder

Growing up in a chaotic home, with ADD was not much fun...I had to overcome communication and learning barriers that were emotionally overwhelming...in retrospect I would have loved to learn peace of mind thru meditation...it would have been a transformative experience for both me and my parents.

Rewarding Meditation is a social cause that allows me to combine all the communities I love to serve, kids and moms. Since 2017, I have been offering career mentoring services thru Our Moms Work.

"We are super grateful and excited to have Rachel Goldwater, mom and Rewarding LA Rockstar Conejo Valley community manager teach meditation."

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