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About Us

Recruiting for Good a Santa Monica socially progressive based staffing agency launched L.A.'s Funnest Cause and personal service 'help moms fund summer camp,' by rewarding referrals to companies with $2500 in savings.

We love helping moms save money, investing in kids...and rewarding community partners who help us do both.

How PTAs Earn Rewarding Donations

1. PTA inspires a mom to participate in Recruiting for Good to get help funding summer camp.
2. Mom refers an open position at a company enabling Recruiting for Good to connect an employee to a job.
3. Recruiting for Good earns a finder's fee that is shared to help mom fund summer camp ($2,500 is rewarded), and the PTA receives a $1,000 donation.

To Sign Up and Be One of Our Participating PTAs

Email Carlos@RecruitingforGood.com

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