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    Our Moms Work

Since 2017, Recruiting for Good has been sponsoring fun community service 'Our Moms Work'

Our Moms Work

How We Help Moms Work....We Make it Fun

Are you feeling stuck, out of sort, looking for a new job and can't confide in HR, your boss, or your significant other...we created Our Moms Work, a fun community service in Santa Monica for moms just like you ...working moms, empty nest moms and moms in between ...all looking to love life.

"Looking to find a new job, need help with getting a raise, or having a tough week at work and just need some good advice...we love to help"

Email Carlos@OurMomsWork.org, for a sponsored 1 on 1 mentoring session...and get the answers you want and need...Let me know, how I can best serve you. Check out our loving reviews.

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