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    Imagine a Rewarding Travel Club for Sweet Kids to See the World for Good

Love to Travel + Experience the World’s Best Destinations + Celebrate Life with Your Kids….Join The Club

For Passionate California Families Who❤Soccer + We’re Rewarding Members ‘Women’s World Cup’ Trips

Fun Purpose

See the World for Good is Created by Carlos Cymerman, Founder of Recruiting for Good

We collaborate with parents who love to make a difference; and reward their kids travel

How Recruiting for Good Works?

Recruiting for Good is a staffing agency that helps companies find talented professionals and earns finders’ fees that are shared to fund our meaningful girl program; “We Use Our Voice for Good.”

How Parents Participate to Earn Travel for their Kids?

Parents simply introduce an executive; CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO, VP HR

Someone they personally know that hires professionals; and shares positive values


Recruiting for Good finds a talented professional, and earns a finder’s fee that is shared;

To reward $2500 for 2023 Soccer Trip (proceeds are paid to soccer travel company or travel agency)

Join Today to See the World for Good

Parents Email Sara@RecruitingforGood.com to Speak with Carlos, Founder

Our Meaningful Kids Club is for Awesome California Families

Who Share Positive Values +Appreciate Learning +Love Work

After Parents Successfully Participate in Recruiting for Good…
Kids Have an Opportunity to Earn More for Their Soccer Trip

By Writing Positive Stories About Art, Food, or Soccer

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Our Soccer Travel Partner

“Did You Know…
In 2019, 38 groups and Over 1,300 People Traveled to France
With WorldStrides to Experience the US National Team’s Victory”


Contact JamieK@WorldStrides.com + Office: 916-850-1987

For Recruiting Services