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Mom Do You Make a Difference...

Want to Gift Your Kids the Best Life Experiences?

We're Helping Moms Fund Fun...Camp...Ridesharing...Travel

We Also Help Fund School Trips (Educational, Performance, Sports)

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How to Qualify for Our Personal Service

Brunch with Westside Moms

Attend Our Fun Sponsored Brunch in Santa Monica the 1st Sunday of Every Month

We meet moms to explain how recruiting works; and how funding happens for camp+ridesharing+travel

Email Carlos@SeetheWorldforGood.com to RSVP for Our Next Fun Mom Brunch (limited spots available)

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"I created this personal service to honor my mom who gifted me a great life."

Carlos Cymerman, Recruiting for Good, Founder and Fun Advocate

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Why We Help Fund Summer Camp and Travel?

Investing in enriching life experiences inspire creativity; help kids find their passion to grow from within.

Join Us to See the World for Good

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