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    Girls Design Tomorrow

We Celebrate Tomorrow’s Women Today By Preparing Girls for Life

Fun Fulfilling Ventures

Recruiting for Good Founder, Carlos has created a collaborative and personal mentoring work experience for Middle School Girls who love to design; products, services, and solutions that make a positive impact.

How Girls Design Tomorrow

Thru our experiential venture…Girls learn to Love Leadership, positive values (Passion + Purpose + Play), and ‘Use Their Talent for Good.‘ We help Girls develop the necessary creative skills and talent to create; passion driven careers they love, solve world problems, and start their own meaningful ventures.

…Love What is Love…

“In the last 10 years, I created ‘Our Moms Work‘, mentored hundreds of people (men, women and kids), created ‘The Sweetest Gig;’ and for 25 years, thru Recruiting for Good, I have placed thousands of talented professionals in Sweet Jobs that Changed their Life…I know what it takes to Love Work & Life!

Passion Ventures Led By Girls

Girl Designs Jewelry to Help Fund a Cause She Loves

TheBookWorm (Her Nickname), Passionate About ‘The Hunger Games’

(Click Here to Learn More About Venture)

We Pitch for Good (Launching in Spring 2021)

CookieRookie (Nickname), Passionate About Softball+Making a Difference

Fun Fulfilling Experiences for the Community to Participate and Give Back

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We Use Our Voice for Good (Launching Mother’s Day 2021)

Fun Fulfilling Community for Like+Minded Girls to Participate and Give Back

How Do Girls Qualify for Passion Ventures

Girls Participate in Sweet Creative Contest

Girls See the World for Good

Earn an Opportunity to Work With Carlos+Nicole Who Love to Teach Girls

“How to Love Life + Use Creative Design Skills for Good + Make a Lasting Difference!”

Girls Will Be Selected On

Independence Day 2021 + Thanksgiving Day 2021 + New Year’s Day 2022


Women’s Day 2022

Girls…Love Creative Writing…

Email Parrish@WeUseOurVoiceforGood.com to Learn More About Our Meaningful Mentoring Program

“As a Girl Scout leader and mom, I am excited for the opportunity to work with the girls to create designs for good. In college, I volunteered as a mentor to fourth-grade girls, as a Big Sister, and as a youth soccer coach. I truly enjoy supporting girls and helping them expand their possibilities. My community project is called Girls Design Jewelry!

Parrish Walsh

Has a Bachelor Degree in Studio Art with a Minor in Managerial Studies from Rice University


…Girls Love to Design Tomorrow’s Cities…

Participate in Sweet Contest

Girls See the World for Good

(Launching On Mother’s Day in NJ/NY)

Winners Earn Opportunity to Design Their Own Cookies with Nicole and Host a Cookie Party

“I am a mother of three amazing children who also owns a fun loving creative cookie shop. I look forward to mentoring and teaching girls how design can transform their life for good. My company created ‘Spark Your Sweetness!‘ A purposeful project that will positively impact My Jersey Community.”

Nicole Borota

Has a Bachelor in Arts and Architecture from New Jersey Institute of Technology


Passion + Purpose + Play

Thru Meaningful Mentoring Ventures Girls Learn The Essence of Presence

“Become That Which You Bring to The World…In Every Aspect of Your Life!”


Recruiting for Good

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