October 4, 2013

Three Ways Yoga Studios Can Inspire Social Giving Locally

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Three Ways Yoga Studios Can Inspire Social Giving Locally? I am always thinking about how I can inspire people to make a difference. I live in Santa Monica, CA, there must be close to 100 yoga studios in our small community; each vying to attract the same clients.

"In the last year, 15 million people regularly participated in yoga in the United States and more than $27 billion was spent on yoga products."

Most people these days are looking to align themselves, shop, and buy from brands and companies that make a difference. Where it was ok; a couple of years to donate monies to some African country. I think it is way cooler and much more acceptable to help your local community, family, friends, schools, and nonprofits. Knowing who you are personally affecting is much more impactful, and meaningful.

Partnership For Better Tomorrow

Here are Some Cool Ideas for Yoga Studios to Inspire Social Giving Locally

1) Create a fund for people who can't afford to take yoga... like a one for one program but for local people. (I know there are donation based yoga, but what if you want to take yoga at Equinox, or do 1 on 1 yoga session? It should be available to all).

2) Create a fund so people could afford to travel abroad and experience global yoga retreats. A percentage of each yoga retreat creates a scholarship to reward people who volunteer in the community.

3) How about use yoga retreats to raise money for local social causes, schools, or start-ups. A certain percentage helps locally.


How is Our Co+Op Inspiring the Yoga Community to Make a Difference? 

Every person who joins our Co+Op's "We Yoga for Good" initiative and helps us raise funds for social good locally in 2014, will be rewarded; a $500 gift card to shop at either Lululemon or Athleta (whichever the person prefers), earn travel rewards for any International Yoga retreat, and we will gift a year long membership to any participating yoga studio (if you are a yoga studio, interested in helping us make a difference locally, and be included in our list, contact us to join today). If you are an independent instructor, we love you too, and have programs to reward your clients' with 1 on 1 yoga sessions; and help you fund yoga retreats that make a difference.


One of the local nonprofits that we are helping fund in 2014 is Wolf Connection, click here to find out more.

For the top 10 women who help us raise money for social causes, we are rewarding a Paris Shopping and Yoga retreat in 2014 with Yvette Eyzaguirre-Myrner.

What social ideas do you have to inspire and make a difference in the community?