• "Carlos is a visionary who has shaped his recruiting business to make a difference. We were honored to have his support for our Tuesday Nights' event held at Venice-based Floral Art. Thanks to his generous sponsorship our members were able to network and learn about health and wellness from esteemed panelists.”.


    - Justine Lassof, Co-Founder LOVE GOODLY & Tuesdaynights

  • “Carlos placed me at my current job; he opened a door to a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities. He has an innate talent for seeing the good and potential in others, a rare and special talent in the business world. Carlos brings optimism, hope, magic and goodness to all that he does, professionally and personally.”.


    - Linda Lazarus, Product Manager, Symantec


    “I can not say enough positive things about Carlos! He did such a great job he became a permanent fixture and go-to person for many of our openings. While other companies sent us resumes without understanding our culture and requirements, Carlos did the opposite. He truly understood what we were looking for, met and got to know his candidates, and only submitted the top folks who would be a good fit. He is also committed to his recruits and continues to take an interest in their careers long after placing them. Carlos has a loyal group of colleagues due to dedication, integrity and hard work. I am looking forward to working with Carlos again and highly recommend him and his company to you.”.


    - Richard Holmes, Technology Director


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