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May 15, 2013

5 Reasons to Gift Free Travel for Teachers

5 Reasons to Gift Free Travel for Teachers. This blog is especially personal to me, because before I became a recruiter, I was a teacher. I worked as a teacher's aid through college, and was a Spanish teacher at a private school too. I have insight on what it takes to be a teacher. And I am grateful to have had the opportunity to make a difference early in my professional career. That experience has continued to impact the way that I do business today. Educating, mentoring, and caring for people are qualities (that I learned as a teacher). I am mindful about the importance of relationships, and how my words, and actions positively affect the people I serve.

5 Reasons to Gift Free Travel for Teachers

1) An apple is a nice gesture, money is inconsequential (maybe even inappropriate), but travel creates everlasting experiences and memories.

2) Teachers are students of life; travel broadens experiences that inspire teachers to create future lessons.

3) One of the most powerful tools teachers use is sharing; travel creates new stories.

4) Teachers are stuck in a rat race, routine, and consistency makes them successful. Travel brings excitement, adventure, and edge to their game.

5) Teachers need to relax their bodies, hearts, and minds. Travel affords them pleasures of respite and fun.

So if you are thinking of wowing your teacher, or letting them know that you are grateful consider gifting them free travel. There so many travel opportunities available every year. If you need some inspiration, checkout some of the retreats we are funding this year.

Teachers are everywhere, not just in the classroom, there are yoga teachers, fitness instructors, life coaches, and even your financial planner, accountant, and lawyer (they teach me all the time).

Teachers are all among us, be mindful and grateful; gift free travel, and you will forever make a difference in their life.

P.S. If you are short on funds to create or gift an awesome travel adventure or retreat, contact our co-op, we are using recruiting for good to collaboratively raise funds and financially empower people to enjoy free travel and to pay free travel forward to family, friends, and teachers.


May 10, 2013

Happy Mothers Day Gifting Yoga for Good Retreats

Happy Mother’s Day Gifting Yoga for Good Retreats. Recruiting for Good honors mothers by financially empowering our co-op members to take care of their moms.

Gift Mom Yoga for Good

The ultimate beauty, foodie, juicing, shopping, traveling, yoga, and making a difference retreat. Imagine gifting mom a day at the salon (Shades Salon in Beverly Hills, Trim in Venice), she spends the day with a shopping stylist (and a shopping gift card too), receives dining rewards, a free yoga retreat (with international yoga), and monies to donate to her favorite charity too.

Why are we making this available? Because we love moms.

We combined our Beauty Foodie Shopping Retreat with Yoga to make Mother’s Day extra special.

How do you qualify and gift mom the ultimate retreat? Introduce your friends and family members who are executive decision makers or technical professionals to our recruiting co-op, and we will generate proceeds on your behalf to fund your mom's yoga for good retreat.

Join our social co-op today to make this mother's day unforgettable.

P.S. Mom can use her travel rewards to attend International Yoga's Italy Retreat for Free in 2014.