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May 17, 2017

Get Kickass C# Job Earn Fun Rewards

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Get Kickass C# Job Earn Fun Rewards

Do you live in L.A. have 10 years or more of .NET C# experience, and looking for a challenging and rewarding project to get involved in? We are looking for you...join team developing cloud based E-Commerce solution for fashion related company using C#, ASP.NET, Angular, and MVC.

Kickass & Earn Fun Rewards 

  1. Earn top pay $80-$90/hr (w-2 or corp. to corp.)
  2. Enjoy monthly dining gift card rewards.
  3. Complete 1 year contract, and enjoy a 4 day party weekend in Cabo, NYC, or Vegas.

Must live in Southern California, and be available to interview in person.

Submit your resume to Carlos@RecruitingforGood.com,

We connect talented technical professionals to kickass jobs. Join us to enjoy life & party for good.

Want to more about our jobs...check out this link.

June 2, 2016

5 Reasons to Enjoy Weekend Getaways

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5 Reasons to Enjoy Weekend Getaways the Inpiration

People inspired me to create rewarding weekend getaways. What's the point of listening to people complain and talk about what is not working in their life, and not doing anything about it. So I decided to incorporate, rewarding weekends getaways, as part of my recruiting agency. Join us to help fund causes and enjoy rewarding travel.

Here are 5 Reasons to Enjoy Weekend Travel....

  1. It's fun to be able to just escape from the madness of your life.
  2. Weekend travel is a convenient way to spend quality time with loved ones.
  3. Explore new cities, and learn something new about the world and yourself.
  4. Traveling often will enliven you, you will feel inspired, and connected to something greater.
  5. Have something to look forward to, enjoy the fruits of your labor, bring balance to your life.


Need Some Inspiration

Checkout our rewarded all inclusive weekend destinations for 2

1) Food & Wine Festivals (Hawaii, Miami, Vegas)
2) Culinary Adventures (Napa, New Orleans, NY)
3) Golf Paradise (Miami, Palm Springs, and Sonoma)
4) Romantic Escapes (Paris, London, Mexico Riviera)
5) World's Best SPA (Rancho Valencia Condé Nast 2015 Gold List Winner)

Have Little Time Don't Worry....We take care of all the details, if you need to take care of the kids, we'll fly mom in from out of town, or hire a pet sitter to take care of your pets...

Life is too precious, enjoy your time today. travel often it will be great for the soul....or even yet share it with a friend or loved one...it will bring you closer.

Never seen Paris or London....this is your chance to do both.

When will you be mindfully taking care of you....plan your rewarding weekend getaway to start today.

January 6, 2016

5 Great Reasons to Gift Vegas Foodie BDBs

Foodie travel in vegas

BDB = Birthday Bashes

If you have a family or a friend who is a foodie...and you want to gift something special for their birthday consider a Vegas Birthday Bash....they will be delighted trust me...

vegas foodie

5 Great Reasons to Gift Vegas Foodie BDBs

  1. You can have a luxury weekend bash, stay at the best hotels, fly Virgin America, and the party starts before you actually leave....the moment you announce Vegas weekend.
  2. Vast amount of celebrity chefs, with their own distinctive culinary style to have deliciously naughty meals that rock your world. Start a new Vegas Foodie Bucket List....
  3. You can eat from early morning to very late in the evening, have 5 to 7 spectacular meals every day.
  4. In between your meals, drink amazing concoctions (list of bars); every flavor, design, and mix possible.
  5. Where else could you get a $1,000 dessert? The Golden Opulence Sunday includes; "house made Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream (the most expensive vanilla in the world); chocolate truffles and candies from Paris; edible sugar flowers painted with edible gold; passion fruit-infused caviar; and 24K gold dust flakes and edible gold leaf from Switzerland." Serendipity3 at Ceasars.

If you win big at the tables, or score a jackpot try this unbelievable drink; Menage a Trois: champagne, cognac and 150-year-old Grand Marnier. "The drink comes with 23-karat gold flakes, liquid gold syrup and a gold-plated straw studded with a real diamond." Find it at Tryst Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Hotel, Priceless: $3,000 sort of....the drink alone can cost more than a weekend for 4 (flights with Virgin America, and stay at the Wynn).

Fun Vegas Foodie Tidbit Did you know Wing Lei, restaurant at Wynn Hotel...was the first Chinese restaurant in the country to be awarded a Michelin Star.

August 19, 2014

How to Reward Kids, Moms, and Soccer Fans Travel

american fans for we fly for good

How to Reward Kids, Moms, and Soccer Fans Travel? Imagine if you had the power to change people's lives by gifting them travel, would you do it, if you could? Then, this solution for good is just for you.

Helping People Use Recruiting for Good

Recruiting is simply a business of finding and qualifying candidates and professionals for companies; and earning a fee for that service. Recruiting is a people based business, recruiters (professionals in the placements business) are retained by companies for their ability to find specialized employees. Many recruiters depend on referrals from former candidates to develop their practice. And agencies pay referrals ($500-$1,000 at the end of the year you get a 1099).

Recruiting for Good is different, we generate and share our proceeds to fund travel. Travel experiences change people's lives. With Recruiting for Good, everyone has an opportunity to make a difference, and gift travel. Now people can gift their family and friends experiences to see the world for good.

For 2014-2015, we are looking to gift 100 kids trips to the world cup. How? Every time someone gets a job (Recruiting for Good places them), We Gift-1-Kid-1-World Cup Trip.

womens  world cup

3 Ways People Use Recruiting for Good to Fund Travel

1) Candidates get great jobs for good, by allowing us to represent them, we created an opportunity for a kid to be rewarded. They also earn reward to travel to world cup, or Vegas.

2) People refer their family and friends for jobs; they earn travel rewards for World Cup or Vegas.

3) People introduce executives or hiring managers at companies. Recruiting for Good finds company a great employee, who gets a vacation on us, a kid gets a trip to world cup. And person who initiated introduction gets a slew of fun rewards including; shopping vacations for mom (awesome Christmas gift for good), trip to World Cup for four people, and summer education programs for kids (Stanford or Yale Entrepreneurship).

People participate to allow us to do what we do best for good (use recruiting for good to help people), and we reward them life experiences to gift kids, moms, and soccer fans travel for good.

Who would like to gift today?.