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January 23, 2017

3 Trips to Gift for Mother’s Day


3 Trips to Gift for Mother's Day

This Mother's Day do the unthinkable, gift mom a trip to change her life for good. Did you grow up, are well adjusted, land on your feet, have a great job, or even married or found the love of your life too? Perhaps, mom had something to do with it. If your mom, is anything like my mom, count your lucky stars....and give back to mom any of these trips....

Gift mom an educational fun culinary Tuscany trip with Orbridge Travel.

Gift mom a trip to climb Kilimanjaro on New Years Eve with Whoa Travel.

Gift mom a trip to experience yoga and surfing in Maui with Swell Women.

Want Help Funding a Mom Trip?

We love to help Southern California kids (grown up, minimum of 30 years old), moms (gift grandma) and husbands fund gift mom fun trips. If you love to make a difference, and collaborate; we'll use recruiting for good to help fund one destination that will make a significant difference in her life.

We honor mothers whose dedication inspired daughters and sons to care, contribute, and make life great for all.

Email Carlos@RecruitingforGood.com to learn how to sign up and qualify.


December 23, 2016

In 2017 Gift Fun Travel


In 2017 Gift Fun Travel

We are Excited and Grateful to Share Our Travel Gifting Destination Ideas

Travel is the perfect gift to celebrate any occasion; anniversaries, ask her (him) to marry you, birthdays, break-ups/make-ups, divorce, empty nester getaway from the blues, girlfriend getaways, honeymoons, second honeymoons, romantic romps (R-Rated), and the great escape (boredom at work, need some inspiration)...and so much more....celebrate gifting travel often....it will change your life.

If you are thinking of making a lasting impression with a family member, your mother-in-law, a BFF, a neighbor you really admire, your Awesome boss, or a pet parent think about how they would feel, if they knew that you took the time to distinctly choose and gift a destination just for them....we love to help you make a difference in their life.



Recruiting for Good is Helping L.A. Optimists

Fund Gift Extraordinary Destinations In 2017

Beauty Foodie & Party Weekends 

  1. Aspen Food Festival
  2. iHeartradio Music Festival
  3. Napa Film + Wine Festival
  4. New York Food+Wine Festival
  5. U.S. Open Tennis Championship


Beauty Foodie & Party Destinations (International)

  1. Flavors of Northern Italy
  2. Giro d Italia 100th Edition
  3. New Years Eve in Sydney, Australia


We are Here for You

Thank you for keeping us in business all these years; we are now using recruiting for good collaboratively to help optimists fund gift family and friends rewarding travel to grow from within, learn something new, and see the world for good.

Every referral that leads to a successful recruiting placement = 1 extraordinary destination to gift.

To get started. Simply choose a destination you like to gift from See the World for Good, then, email Carlos, Recruiting for Good. Founder Carlos@RecruitingforGood.com to meet in person (this is a personal service) to get to know you; we love to help fund gift your extraordinary trip. Currently serving L.A. area residents.

For More Information Checkout;


Now taking reservations for 2018 limited spots on these destinations; Cayman Cookout, Venice Carnivale, Kid+Mom Fun Disney Trips.

Happy New Year....from us to you.

October 13, 2016

USC Women Travel for Good


USC Women Travel for Good

Blog inspired by Kristina Bant Jenkins, USC graduate, single mom of awesome autistic child, founder of nonprofit, Aut2bfit; whose mission is to bring together parents and families of children touched by autism with a community of athletes and physically active, fitness-conscious people who are committed to raising awareness for autism through the love of sport, a lifestyle of family-fun activities, and adventure travel. To learn more about the amazing work Kristina does in the community, click here to read a recent article written about her photography and autism on The Mighty.

Special thanks to Linda Burk for sharing information about USC Women Travel.

Imagine Everyone Travels for Good

What would life be like if we collaborated to fund and reward travel so everyone could see the world...

Imagine a service empowering USC women to help fund a L.A. based Trojan founded nonprofit making it possible for kids with special needs and their families experience adventure travel....and rewarding travel savings....we're using recruiting for good to help women do just that.


Rewarding USC Women Beauty Foodie Trip to Italy

Ever wanted to experience Italy...the sights, the taste, and wonderment with fellow Trojan women...Check out this amazing women only 9-day Culinary Adventure In Northern Italy, organized by USC Trojan Travel, to learn more details click here. Travel June 10-18, 2017

"Join us on a culinary adventure designed and exclusive for USC Women. Settle in and spend time learning and enjoying Northern Italian culinary traditions con gusto.  A key ingredient of this signature journey is the luxury of unpacking once at our historic, country wine estate and dedicating your days to the rich cultural opportunities unique to this region. An optional extension to Venice is offered."

How to Earn Rewarding Travel Savings

Simply put a deposit to reserve your spot directly with USC Trojan Travel, then, email Carlos@RecruitingforGood.com. Women make referrals to enable us to help raise money for Aut2bfit, and we reward travel savings.

1 Referral that leads to 1 person getting hired = $2500 donation to Aut2bfit & a $2500 travel savings reward I(paid directly to travel tour company).

One more reason to participate, you can gift your travel reward to anyone living in the U.S., and make a difference in their life....'


Come to Our Fun Chocolate & Wine Party to Enjoy Life and See the World for Good.


September 7, 2016

Rewarding 50% Off Travel for Good


As our company, Recruiting for Good continues to evolve, inspire, and reward travel. We look forward to using recruiting collaboratively to serve people who make a difference in the U.S. and participate in a our personal travel funding service.

We are excited to offer some exciting trips for two people that will significantly make a difference in your life. If you love to share travel often, and save 50% or more, then just participate in Recruiting for Good to earn rewards.

Here are just some of the exciting and limited 2017 rewards we are offering;

Perfect Trip for Moms

Beauty Foodie Maui Getaway (Inspired By Single Moms Planet) Rewarding just 5 trips ($6,500 value reward)

Perfect Trip for Couples or Friends

Enjoy 50% off Rothschild 13 Day Africa Safari (for 2 people including flights) Rewarding just 5 trips, ($7,500 value reward)

Perfect Trip for Couples or Friends

Enjoy 50% off Nada's Tuscany Trip for 2 (small group travel including flights) Rewarding just 5 trips, ($7,500 value reward)

Perfect Trip for Millennials

Enjoy 50% off The Remote Experience (See 4 Countries in 3 Months + flight) Rewarding just 5 trips, ($6,500 value reward).

Every month, we will find new destinations/resorts/tours to offer the community and save 50% off or more.

Have questions about how it all works, contact carlos@recruitingforgood.com.

Also enter our fun contest, "How do you make America great?" And win a trip for 2 to celebrate New Year's in Hawaii.