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    Scott Groza

January 18, 2018

How Education Can Develop Leadership Skills


Special thanks to Scott Groza for writing this inspired blog

After four years of college, one generally expects to be awarded a piece of paper that will open the doors of their profession to them. That piece of paper symbolizes a degree which crowns all of their efforts and enables them to further their dream chasing. Interestingly, however, finishing college does not just culminate in a title. Those who are successful come out with a certain level of skills that education instills into one's subconsciousness. Examples of it are time management, organization, accountability, persistence, and many more. Most importantly, education singlehandedly imparts leadership qualities.

Forces Socialization

To be a leader worthy of praise, one must find it endearing and joyful to meet people. After all, an individual split from socialization can never demonstrate leadership skills as there will be nobody to follow their guidance. Throughout education, regardless of the level and orientation, the never-ending shift of professors and a limitless inflow of fellow peers facilitates an environment where encounters are unavoidable. Thus, turning strangers into associates eventually becomes a mindless routine. That skill, although not explicitly taught in any school, is one of the most important features of a prospective leader.

Team-Based Environment

Besides getting exceptionally well-versed at meeting new people, education blatantly forces one to become a team player. Whether it is through projects that would be impossible to fulfill without the help of others or some more crafty method, educated individuals can always recall being shoved into teams. And rightly so. In the professional world, there is no such thing as a one-man battle. Having employees, partners, and bosses is a system of chain-of-command that exists because it is fertile. Ultimately, becoming a figurehead that every member of the team follows is a true testament to the leadership ability.

Taking Initiative

Education starts with small steps. One day, it is an early-morning class. Soon after, it is a meeting to discuss what career will be pursued. Those types of decisions and the effort it takes to make them build a person up. They let them taste true control as they start calling the shots over their own livelihood. That power translates to ownership and an ability to take control of other people. After a while, making high-profile resolutions may become so well rehearsed that one will crave taking initiative and being in charge.

Having Responsibility

A human being has not experienced true growth until they overcome situations with more problems than solutions. These can be represented by all those times when someone had to prioritize between work and studying or leisure and business. When in school, those types of trade-offs have to be considered almost daily. Whenever a wrong decision is made, which is bound to happen, one will have to bear the repercussion of responsibility that was not met. For example, failing to study will result in a failed exam. That teaches someone to look at all possible outcomes and be prepared for any implications that arise as a byproduct of a decision. Such a skill is in high demand for leaders as they have to comprehend the enormous responsibility they undertake by commanding others.

Attention to Detail

Lastly, in order to be efficient, one must be very attentive. Someone who is in charge of hundreds of employees must be able to recognize what department is struggling, which manager is not fulfilling their duties, what part of the operation is falling short of its goal, and so on. Once again, getting a respectable education will ensure that this skill gets plenty of practice. There is a reason why students often get penalized for seemingly irrelevant issues like showing up late. Such an approach guarantees that one will be mindful of every small detail that pertains to success. Thus, once education is completed, the person will go on to a career of performing their duties while paying close attention to everything.

Scott Groza is a co-founder of Groza Learning Center where he aims to help students with their performance. He is a dedicated educator that advocates for a method of teaching that will take into account students' individual learning styles. That approach enabled him to help countless people thus far.