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August 3, 2017

Why We Reward RSVPs with Donations

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Why We Reward RSVPs with Donations

"Blog inspired by Espree Devora, who allowed me to serve her party by volunteering at a recent We're LA Tech Party....thank you...I came away with so many insightful life lessons."

Why We Reward RSVPs with Donations? There is a significant appreciation, follow through, and value proposition for people who RSVP and show up to a party. What does doing an RSVP and attending the party say about you....

  1. By doing the RSVP, you acknowledge the invitation to a special event (both in your head and in your heart), you appreciate your time and the person who invited you, and you honor yourself by attending and showing up (follow through).
  2. The RSVP is a universal commitment you make...it is simply how you standout and portray yourself in the world (a level of expressed love, self respect, and sophistication).
  3.  When an RSVP allows you to invite a plus one, and you do so, you stretch; and grow from within by making a stand for someone else (you are making a conscious choice to be a powerful leader).

"I find that when I make a commitment (RSVP), even if I don't want to go in the last minute, I follow through an attend the party, because my word is my bond. People can count on me."

One More Universal Reason We Reward RSVPs with Donations

When you RSVP and follow through by attending the party, you are surrounded by other like minded people who also share the same values (the community is authentically connected). Each person, that shows up energetically makes the party a better experience for all. When you RSVP and show up for the party; you may meet a new friend, fall in love, or learn something new about yourself....(if you are lucky, all three occur).

Women RSVP for Good

Women please, RSVP for Good, and bring your favorite plus one to our August Exclusive Beauty+Foodie Fashion Party in Santa Monica to Help Fund the Beauty Bus, email Carlos@WePartyforGood.com.

Lastly, we love to reward those who go beyond, thank you for your RSVP and follow through, you make every party a celebration of life; and making a donation on your behalf is just the cherry on top to Party for Good...start today.

August 2, 2017

Women Have Fun and RSVP for Good

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Women Have Fun and RSVP for Good

When was the last time you were rewarded for an RSVP...the opportunity to make a difference and enjoy an exclusive Party for Good too...probably never. We're excited to help fund and support the Beauty Bus Foundation, whose mission; delivers dignity, hope and respite to chronically or terminally ill men, women and children and their caregivers through beauty and grooming services and pampering products.

This August, if you love to donate to this nonprofit, simply RSVP and attend our party to earn a $25 donation for the Beauty Bus (paid by Recruiting for Good).

Now You Have an Awesome Reason to Dress Up

& Escape Your Responsibilities for a Social Hour or 2....

Women, simply RSVP for GOOD to secure a spot and attend our exclusive invite only Westside Party (for 30 women), the most fashionably dressed woman wins our Signature Beauty Foodie Shopping Day on Montana Avenue, participate in creative writing to in more rewards, and enjoy delicious macarons. RSVP with Carlos@WePartyforGood.com today.

Special Reward for First 5 Women to RSVP for Good

Get VIP invite to Belgian Chocolates and Melting Chair Massages Party.

August 1, 2017

2 Words and 2 Women Change the World


2 Words and 2 Women Change the World

We are grateful for all the women who participated in our writing events in Santa Monica, you inspired, moved, and touched our lives....each and everyone of you made a difference by inviting friends, moms, even dads, and kids to participate too.

Last year we rewarded 'Gratitude,' this year we were looking for something different and unique...and we were not disappointed.

"Sabona," if you google it you will find very little on it. Yvonne Araiza, one of the winners chose it, "Sabona, means 'I See You,' in my mentoring program this was always our greeting at the beginning, 'Ya Bo Sabona' is the response, I see you seeing me. This changed my life the first time it was explained to me. It grew a light in me to know, I was seen. As a 13 year old girl, to be 'seen' made an impact to always be greeted that way made me want to 'see' others, past their surfaces, past their stories, their walls, I believe others need to be seen as well."

Nothing in the world really happens without this word, "Participation," Emily Rajcic writes, "The purpose of life is relative, many stories, words, and opinions drive humanity, Who are we? Why are we here? The greatest answer to our biggest questions is not a truth or knowledge, it is a willingness to participate in the search. To be unaware, and uninvolved is the death of all great things. It is my hope that humanity finds passion in participating in life and the search for what it truly means to live a great one."

By sharing universally and expressing ourselves from our heart...we can see the world for good...we look forward to seeing and meeting you at our next inner beauty writing event...Come Celebrate Paris on Montana Avenue...and RSVP for Good.