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November 19, 2012

Stop Talking + Start Making a Difference

Stop Talking About Making a Difference + Start Making a Difference. What does making a difference even really mean? For me making a difference; is simply making someone smile, laugh, or make someone feel good about themselves. We often forget it is the simplest and kindest things we do, that make all the difference in the world. Every restaurant, I go to, I engage the servers and bus boys with intelligent conversation, I ask intriguing questions, and I care about how they are doing in their life. I am curious about how I am affecting people.

My belief is that anything that impacts anybody in the world in a positive way is making a difference. For me making it personal and meaningful is important. For others it may not. For me, I love to have impact-full relationships that leave a lasting impression. How will I be remembered? Is a constant reminder of what my energy and context needs to be. Every day is a precious opportunity to make a difference in someone's life.

The truth of it is the only way to make a difference is to be in action, to risk, and move in any direction. We can all talk about making a difference until we are blue in the face. I am in a men's organization, where we aspire to be leaders in life, but the lack of follow through is a contentious way of sitting and waiting for right time to act. The time is now. The best way to get started on a mission to making a difference is by asking questions. Asking questions like what does making a difference mean to me? How can I make a difference? What am I willing to do to make a difference? And what do I want to be remembered for?

So are you ready to stop talking about making a difference and start making a difference? No, that is perfectly ok with me. But if you are inspired to be part of 5%, where every moment is precious, and every moment is an opportunity to live great lives; then contact me today, I want more intentional friends who want to make a difference today..

November 14, 2012

Fundraising for 100 Remarkable People

Fundraising for 100 Remarkable People. I have been fortune to live a great life. Recruiting has afforded me opportunities to travel and experience the world like few have. In turn, I am dedicating my life to gift life changing experiences to people who want to achieve greatness in their life.

For me the greatness occurs, when you stretch and live fully. I am committed to fundraising for 100 people every year, and afford them opportunities to make a difference in their life. The service I provide is caring, personal, meaningful and professional. This is not a hand out service; this is a collaborative fundraising service for people. Using your community, your friends and family, I will generate monies on your behalf using recruiting for good to benefit your life. Every day you work to accumulate contacts on LinkedIn  Facebook, Google+, and Twitter (post your resume on Monster and CareerBuilder) and they sell access to you and your friends for billions of dollars, isn't it time for you to use your contacts to benefit your life? Recruiting for Good will do just that.

Imagine having the monies to start social causes, develop creative projects, and even achieve athletic feats. You choose what you want to change, or start, or even who you want to help. Perhaps you want to fundraise for your mom, or your mom wants to fundraise for you. You can fundraise for a relative in India, China, or even just New York. The combinations to make a difference are endless, the possibilities for creating the life you desire are within your reach.

If you are a passionate, collaborative, and creative person, I would love to fundraise for you and change your life. I meet every one I fundraise for in person. At this time, I am only serving Southern California, and I will drive from Santa Barbara to San Diego to make your acquaintance. Upon completing the one year fundraising commitment for a person, I will afford this oppotunity to someone new. I will only fundraise for 100 people at a time, giving each person the attention they deserve.

If this is something that resonates with you, and you want to make a difference in your life or someone else's life contact me to get started. I am Carlos Cymerman, Headhunter With a Heart, and Founder of Recruiting for Good, a Caring Company Helping People Make a Difference.