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February 23, 2013

Los Angeles Times Travel Show Gifiting Ideas for Mother’s Day

Los Angeles Times Travel Show Gifting Ideas for Mother's Day. Yesterday, I spent the day attending seminars for the travel industry. It was so exciting, to meet the players in this industry. Some of the nicest and most approachable people were Terry Dale the president of USTOA, and John Severini the president of California Travel Association. In fact Terry Dale, played a video of Matt Harding, and I was moved to tears; when it comes down to it we are all one. We are all seeking to connect, enjoy life, and have fun.

I am really excited about working with real people, who care deeply about providing service, and life changing experiences through travel. So now it’s time to really get down to the business of taking care of your mom. You know moms are there to make life great. So we here at Recruiting for Good, are dedicating our lives to celebrating moms every day. With your help, yes your help (checkout our video to see how it works) we can gift your mom a vacation or retreat of a lifetime. Imagine if you could send mom on a Safari, or a foodie retreat in Cambodia, or a yoga retreat in Costa Rica, or better yet a shopping retreat in Paris. Whatever you want to create for mom is possible. Want to know more, checkout iTravelforGood.com. We are all about making community travel possible. I forgot to mention, every mom who qualifies for travel with us also receives chocolate for the entire year.  If you want us to gift your mom a trip on Mother's Day, we are fundraising for just 10 moms.

So this Mother's day, why not take Matt Hardings lead, contact a travel agent today to book your mother's day retreat, and if you would like us to help fund her trip we would love to help. We are financially empowering people to enjoy life and make a difference. Contact us today to get started..

December 31, 2012

Wishing Everyone The Best Year of Their Life

Wishing Everyone The Best Year of Their Life. In the final days of 2013, I have made amends and apologize to people in my community, I have read two books that have significantly impacted my outlook on life (Goals, By Brian Tracy, and The Compound Effect By Darren Hardy) and set me up for success in 2013.

I want to thank Alicia Brockwell for inspiring me to look at what was missing in my life. And because of her I sought out the books I read. We are often forgetful to remember the people around us that bring us so much value.

So for 2013 and onwards, I am committed to be grateful, humble, in service of others, inspiring, transformational, caring, loving, dedicated, passionate, enrolling, self-disciplined, and in relationship with like-thinking, like-minded, like-feeling people who are also dedicated to make a difference and love life.

With that said, I want to be part of a community who is limitless in its potential for greatness. Money will not be a pre-requisite to living a great life. In the community I am a part of, I collaborate to afford people great benefits, to help people adopt and support causes, and to afford people life experiences.

Living the best year of my life is an adventure I look forward to. I wish everyone the best year of their life. And perhaps if I am lucky, I will meet some of you next year. Happy 2013.

It is because I love humanity, and the potential of transforming the way we support each other that I am dedicating my life to collaborative fundraising.

What are you committed to develop to make life great in 2013?.

December 24, 2012

Make Every Day Feel Like Christmas

Make Every Day Feel Like Christmas. We are grateful to all our candidates, clients, their families, and the community. 

Happy Holidays, Thank You for Affording Us the Opportunity to Transform and Begin the New Year By Using Recruiting for Good to Help People Make a Difference and Make Every Day Feel Like Christmas.


December 7, 2012

Fundraise for Your Family in India

Imagine if you could send money to your family, friends, and community in India. We are using recruiting for good, fundraising for people so they can make a difference. Fighting to end poverty and hunger in the world is no easy task.

But with the help of the community everything is possible. Imagine if your family received $5,000, it could make a substantial difference in their life. Your mom, dad, brothers, and sisters would benefit from our collaboration.

So how can you help us, help you? Introduce us to your IT friends, co-workers, or let recruiting for good represent you and place you. You heard right we are rewarding candidates we place, who submit their resumes unsolicited or through our job board with $1500 dollars in benefits. If you want to send the benefit outside the US, we will send $1,000 tax free every time you refer an IT friend and we place them.

Don't want to help India, no problem, where is your family? Asia? Africa? the U.S.? or New York? The offer is open to anyone who is willing to help us make a difference.

Contact us today to help end poverty and hunger in your home country.