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March 11, 2013

America Travels for Free

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America Travels for Free. There was a time when companies use to pay for everything in the hopes of retaining talent. Then the economic crash happened and everyone lost their benefits. In an effort to make life great again in America, and take care of working families; our co-op is using recruiting for good to help people locally connect to great jobs, and we are sharing proceeds to make free travel possible.

The United States ranks in the bottom of all industrialized countries, when it comes to giving employees time off. Two weeks off just doesn't seem like enough time. But what would life be like if two week vacations were first class and free? We launched iTravel for Good to financially empower people to Travel Globally and Help Locally. A couple of ways we are helping locally; every candidate we place in a fulltime position gets a free vacation, we are working with travel agencies in the U.S. (TravelStore) to provide spectacular service, and are offering our collaborative fundraising solution to make free travel possible for individuals and nonprofits too. And recently started working with WITI, to afford their members free travel, and match monies raised to benefit their foundation.

A great vacation benefits the individual, his family, and the company. Everyone needs time off to relax, and recuperate. Families, who take vacations together, get to enjoy life. Families who don't have to spend money on vacations, will be able to save monies for a house, or their kids' college funds.

Join our co-op to make free travel possible for all Americans. If you are working in the U.S. and want to see your parents, why not have them visit you in America. We look forward to finding you a great job, and rewarding you with a free vacation or you can pay forward your travel rewards.

If you are a company in the United States, please consider us for your next search, and together we will make a difference locally with family, friends, and community.

Join America Travels For Free (US Green Card, EADs, and H1bs are welcome too)..

March 8, 2013

Get a Job And Get a Free Vacation for Mom

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Get a Job And Get a Free Vacation for Mom. It sounds as strange as chocolate massages. But it is true. Mother's Day is coming and if you want to make this the best, get a job with us and we'll make this the best mother's day.

How to Make this Mother's Day the Best?

Respond to any of Recruiting for Good job openings on Zartis or Zip Recruiter, and we will pay forward your $3,000 in travel rewards (after we place) to gift your mom and awesome retreat or vacation. In fact, since we just kicked off our iTravel for Good website if you refer a candidate to any of our open jobs, we will gift your mom $3,000 in travel rewards (after we place the candidate you refer, we normally pay $1,000). Moms deserve our love and care.

If your mom is in China or India, no problem, we can gift her a trip to the United States to come visit you, your family, and see your kids.

We are a co-op using recruiting for good, we generate proceeds to share. With your help, we make life enjoyable, we connect you to great jobs, and make travel possible. And that makes a difference. Our mission is to improve the quality of your life.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. If you think it would inspire or benefit someone else, please forward it to them.

And by the way chocolate massages are real. And we would be willing to pay for that too.  We are launching a chocolate retreat in Switzerland soon..

March 7, 2013

Using Recruiting to Pay Forward Travel

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Using Recruiting to Pay Forward Travel. Imagine if everyone could afford to travel for free. That is our Social Co-Op's mission. And we are using recruiting to generate and share proceeds.

First we are rewarding candidates who make our job easier. Respond to one of our open jobs on Zartis or Zip Recruiter, and receive a $3,000 dollar vacation package upon completing 3 months employment.

In an effort to make life better for hard working Americans, we are financially empowering people to enjoy life, travel and make a difference.

We may not be able to change the fact that most companies afford us a two or three week vacation. But we can change the quality of your time off. Using recruiting proceeds we are on a mission to make first class travel possible for everyone.

Get Rewarded for Your Participation

Respond directly to one of our open jobs and get rewarded with a $3,000 dollars in travel rewards upon completion of your 3 months.

You can also pay forward any portion of your travel rewards to your family, friends, or community at large.

Submit your resume and when we find you a job in technology, we will share 10% of our placement fee to afford you a vacation.

Introduce us to a company hiring tech people, and we will reward you with $1,000 dollars for every full time placement we make in a year.

Great Retreat Travel and Vacation Ideas 

Mothers Day is coming, we are affording 25 moms in Southern California shopping retreats in London, Milan, or Paris. Included in the retreat, we connect moms to spend a day with a fashion stylist, flights, hotel accommodations, and $1,000 gift card to shop, because shopping makes a difference.

The World Cup is in Brazil next year. Don't you want to go?

Do you want to attend the Cannes or Sundance Film Festival in 2014? We are affording 10 people all inclusive trips; flights, accommodations, and tickets to the festival.

Are you getting married in the next six months? Do you have enough money for your honeymoon? Don't despair we are ready to help.

We help people locally to travel globally. If you are unsure of where to go or what to do visit a local travel agent to find out what is available, and contact us to make it possible.

Join us to start earning travel rewards today..

March 6, 2013

Everyone Gets a Free Vacation


Everyone Gets a Free Vacation. In other countries around the world, employees get more time off than we do here in the U.S.. But what would life be like if every family could afford to take off and have a first class vacation? As part of our commitment to give back and use recruiting for good, every person we place in a fulltime position going forward will be afforded a free vacation (iTravelforgood.com). We will share up to 10% of our placement fees with placed candidates to reward their loyalty.

Vacations Make a Difference.

Vacations allow us to rejuvenate, relax, and be creative. Vacations allow us to connect to our family and friends. Vacations allow us to enjoy life and stay present to what is really important. Vacations allow us to live on the edge, explore new worlds, and connect to nature.

Join iTravel for Good to Enjoy a Free Vacation

Refer your friends for IT jobs and we'll afford you free vacations. Refer a hiring manager and we will create a travel fund for your family and friends. We are now fundraising for honeymoons too!

You are In Great Hands

Please visit our travel partner; TravelStore to see what Ultimate Experiences are possible for your next vacation.

Where would you like to go?