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December 7, 2012

Fundraise for Your Family in India

Imagine if you could send money to your family, friends, and community in India. We are using recruiting for good, fundraising for people so they can make a difference. Fighting to end poverty and hunger in the world is no easy task.

But with the help of the community everything is possible. Imagine if your family received $5,000, it could make a substantial difference in their life. Your mom, dad, brothers, and sisters would benefit from our collaboration.

So how can you help us, help you? Introduce us to your IT friends, co-workers, or let recruiting for good represent you and place you. You heard right we are rewarding candidates we place, who submit their resumes unsolicited or through our job board with $1500 dollars in benefits. If you want to send the benefit outside the US, we will send $1,000 tax free every time you refer an IT friend and we place them.

Don't want to help India, no problem, where is your family? Asia? Africa? the U.S.? or New York? The offer is open to anyone who is willing to help us make a difference.

Contact us today to help end poverty and hunger in your home country.





December 6, 2012

Life is Wonderful Everyone Has Great Life Benefits

What Would Life Be Like if Everyone Has Great Life Benefits? More people would enjoy life. We work so hard in the U.S., that we miss opportunities to really enjoy our fruit of our labor. We miss opportunities to be with family and friends. I often wonder if we could be more like Spain or France. Forget about their financial upheavals; they work to live. In the U.S. it seems we work to work, so one day when we are old, we get to retire and enjoy life. I think we have much to learn from countries like Germany, and Holland where long vacations and shorter work weeks do us good.

Unfortunately, in the U.S. the demands for productivity and society's push for more is better enforces people's need to work 50, 60, or even 70 hours a week. We are damaging the fabric of personal and meaningful relationships; resulting in stressful lives, unhappy people, and kids and spouses feel uncared for.

So, I started to think about how Recruiting for Good can make a difference, and benefit people who participate in our making a difference programs. The answer was to develop life benefits that can be paid forwarded to anyone; to benefit and make a difference in their life. Gifting benefits to make life great, now that makes a difference.

Imagine, having your own philanthropic fund, or education fund, or health/medical care fund, healthy living fund, or a fund to pay for all your parties and life events; and being able to pay it forward to anyone in your life. At Recruiting for Good, we are committed to making work happy (by finding people a great job and a great employee for our clients) and making life great (a great job, that is both challenging and rewarding, will significantly impact you and your family). Affording people opportunities to make a difference and life matter; makes our work meaningful.

One of the pleasures of life, a benefit which I hold dear is travel. I enjoy going to other countries, interacting with other people, eating and drinking strange food, and learning about what makes them uniquely wonderful.

What benefit brings joy and peace to your life? And who would you want to share it with? Or gift it too?

We fundraise for great life benefits to help you, your family, friends, and community enjoy and live a great life.

Join us today at Recruiting for Good.


December 3, 2012

Transforming Recruiting for Good

Transforming Recruiting for Good.

How we transform recruiting for good?

1) By generating proceeds to benefit society.

2) By making recruiting about service.

3) By developing a collaborative solution that makes life matter; every person, every pet, every living thing is part of what makes life great.

4) By creating caring communities; and through collaborative recruiting we instill an attitude of gratitude, serving people with love and care is a necessity to bring our best game.

5) Job placement services are sacred, every candidate, every client, every placement changes the fabric of our relationships, done right, and for the right reasons; and it will empower families and communities.

6) Recruiting proceeds fund high purpose projects like: Supporting People Who Want to Help End Hunger + Poverty in India + the U.S..

7) The industry is in need of great recruiters who love to take care of people. Conversely, we need people to take care of great recruiters.

8) Honesty is the best policy; every communication is direct and open. With everyone’s interest in mind. Career decisions for candidates can be life changing and the implications positively affect families and community.

9) Love the possibilities that together we are making a difference. And having a good time doing it.

10) What would life be like if every company in the world donated 5% of their proceeds to make life great?

I invite you to check out transforming recruiting for good. Our dream is to inspire candidates, companies, and other recruiters who love their life’s work. And with your help we will support people to help them make a difference with their friends and family.

The essence of a great company is to create something remarkable. With your help, we are transforming recruiting for good; not just our agency, but an industry, community, and the world.

Be a part of the new beginning, today.


December 3, 2012

Helping People Have Babies

Helping people have babies. Fundraising for You to Have a Baby, say what, no you didn’t say that, well in fact I did, check it out.

According to WebMD, the average cost of an IVF cycle (invitro) in the U.S. is $12,400. According to the Adoption Guide, the average cost for an adoption is $25,000 dollars.

1) Are you tired of waiting for the special man to come into your life to be the husband and father you dreamed of, and want to be a mother today?

2) How about you are a loving couple, but have fertility problems and deeply desire to have a child?

3) How about if you are in a gay or lesbian relationship and really want kids?

Instead of falling into a credit trap owning thousands of dollars for the next 10 years, or stopping from going forward with your long life dream to have a baby.

Consider contacting Recruiting for Good to fundraise for you to have a baby. We are a Collaborative Fundraising Solution helping people make a difference. There is nothing more personal than bringing a child into the world. And we would fundraise for anyone who is ready for the responsibilities of being a kickass parent, not average, we are talking rockstar; because every child deserves that.

What would life be like if your community (all your friends and family) could help you raise the funds necessary for you to afford to have a baby? We empower your community to help you.

We collaboratively fundraise for people to make life meaningful. And that in itself is making a difference.

At this time, we are only serving people in Southern California; because we meet everyone we fundraise for in person.

This blog was inspired, by my friend Nicole, who has been talking about having a baby for two years. And called me this afternoon, and said “I want to fundraise to have a baby.” Would I support her wishes? Yes.

Join recruitingforgood.com, to fundraise for you to have a baby and make your life great.