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August 3, 2017

Why We Reward RSVPs with Donations

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Why We Reward RSVPs with Donations

"Blog inspired by Espree Devora, who allowed me to serve her party by volunteering at a recent We're LA Tech Party....thank you...I came away with so many insightful life lessons."

Why We Reward RSVPs with Donations? There is a significant appreciation, follow through, and value proposition for people who RSVP and show up to a party. What does doing an RSVP and attending the party say about you....

  1. By doing the RSVP, you acknowledge the invitation to a special event (both in your head and in your heart), you appreciate your time and the person who invited you, and you honor yourself by attending and showing up (follow through).
  2. The RSVP is a universal commitment you make...it is simply how you standout and portray yourself in the world (a level of expressed love, self respect, and sophistication).
  3.  When an RSVP allows you to invite a plus one, and you do so, you stretch; and grow from within by making a stand for someone else (you are making a conscious choice to be a powerful leader).

"I find that when I make a commitment (RSVP), even if I don't want to go in the last minute, I follow through an attend the party, because my word is my bond. People can count on me."

One More Universal Reason We Reward RSVPs with Donations

When you RSVP and follow through by attending the party, you are surrounded by other like minded people who also share the same values (the community is authentically connected). Each person, that shows up energetically makes the party a better experience for all. When you RSVP and show up for the party; you may meet a new friend, fall in love, or learn something new about yourself....(if you are lucky, all three occur).

Women RSVP for Good

Women please, RSVP for Good, and bring your favorite plus one to our August Exclusive Beauty+Foodie Fashion Party in Santa Monica to Help Fund the Beauty Bus, email Carlos@WePartyforGood.com.

Lastly, we love to reward those who go beyond, thank you for your RSVP and follow through, you make every party a celebration of life; and making a donation on your behalf is just the cherry on top to Party for Good...start today.

July 29, 2017

Come Celebrate Your Life Party for Good


Come Celebrate Your Life Party for Good

Imagine what life would be like if everyday you celebrated your BDay

What would life be like, if you loved your job, had a community of friends who you shared the same values with, and enjoyed everyday like it is a celebration. I started with that inspired idea about 3 months ago, and dedicated the last 2 months to focus all my energy in laying down the foundation to attract, create and live just that life.

If you see me coming, I am the guy with a smile on my face. I am doing exactly, what I love. I am recruiting for good; helping people find great jobs, helping companies solve problems, and generating proceeds to sponsor fun outrageous and creative parties to connect with like minded professionals (who share my values) and develop meaningful friendships that last a lifetime.

Ma Belle

Grateful to Be

Today is my B-Day, July 29...and I gifted myself the best gift ever... the freedom to enjoy life fully. Want fill your life with hope, joy, love, laugh often to see the world for good ...come party for good...simply RSVP to attend an invite only party for good; social, purposeful, and fun celebrations in Santa Monica. Most events are intimate gatherings to create memorable positive experiences, and help people; find new friends (or life/love partner), learn something new (or your kids), grow from within, and be fully expressed and free

....I welcome your arrival, and look forward to celebrating your beautiful life.

Now you can live your life and celebrate your B-Day everyday...start today.



July 25, 2017

Do the Job You Love

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Do the Job You Love

Over the years the one constant value that I tried to inspire by connecting talented professionals to great jobs was....do what you love. When you are searching for a new job consider the following; does the company values align with yours, pay the salary you desire, and has the company hired intelligent and collaborative staff that you can learn from and teach new skills.

You are 100% responsible for your life's results.... it is up to you to make the best of every employment opportunity. If you work with the belief and thought process, "how can I bring value today, or how can my effort make a difference in the lives of my co-workers, boss, and clients (customers)," your life's reward will be more fulfilling than money in the bank. You will come to appreciate your boss, company, and co-workers....and you will grow exponentially within.

By doing the job you love....your personal and professional relationships will flourish, you will be promoted to lead and inspire others...and perhaps if you are lucky and creative start a company that changes your community adding value to 1000 of lives.

If a job is not working out, before you quit, evaluate if you are part of the problem or the solution; is there something that you can do to improve it....if you have done your best and excellence is part of your work ethic, and things are still not working for you, then change your job. If you stick it out in a job, you can grow your skills, inner strength, and resiliency. People respect professionals who are committed to being problem solvers....are you one of them? In the end if you love to serve others, you will find the greatest form of freedom...living your purpose, choice to love work, and embrace your destiny.

Start Today.


July 2, 2017

5 Reasons We’re Celebrating Women Who Kickass

Freedom is celebrating women

5 Reasons We're Celebrating Women Who Kickass

If you haven't heard, Recruiting for Good, founder Carlos Cymerman is sponsoring exclusive invite only fabulous fun parties in Santa Monica...this summer...to celebrate women who kickass.

  1. I am honoring my mom who kicks-ass, by celebrating all women who do too.
  2. We are inspiring the community by embracing a powerful message "Kickass & Party for Good"...
  3. Celebrating women who kickass, is fun and rewarding.
  4. We celebrate women who kickass, to inspire men...embrace equality, honor, and love feminine power.
  5. On Sunday,September 27th, during the Vancouver Peace Summit 2009,  the Dalai Lama said, “The world will be saved by the western woman.” .....The Time Has Come to Actualize those Powerful Words....by Celebrating Women Who Kickass....We Start Today.

To learn about Kickass & Party for Good....Join the Club...email Carlos@WePartyforGood.com


Yes We're Celebrating Women Who Kickass

Our first women only party for good is on July 3rd, 2017 between 12-130 pm in Santa Monica the first 25 women who kickass, show up for party, and RSVP, will enjoy Belgian Chocolates, and Melting Chair Massages....RSVP to reserve your spot!