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January 25, 2016

Enjoy a Wellness Soup Retreat

Wellness-Soup-flyer Aleesha

January 16, 2016

Imagine We Party for Good

We Party for Good55

What Inspired Party for Good

Party for Good...Have you heard of Fathom "Travel+Impact" Cruises..."It's a new kind of cruise that combines your love of travel with your desire to make a difference." I learned about their cruises about 2 months ago, and the more I read about their mission and destinations, the more excited I got about the possibility of people having fun while making a difference.

So, I sent them an email, "I love to list your cruise destinations on my site; we are on a mission to help people fund gift travel so family and friends can change and see the world." And they agreed...This last Monday, Fathom invited me to participate and make a difference in the Dominican Republic....I am eternally grateful...a dream come true for me.

These are some of their fun making a difference activities I am looking forward to check out;

Plant trees and other indigenous plants in deforested areas and assist in the production of
seedlings and community education at a central nursery
Water Filters
Craft state-of-the-art water filters made from clay and colloidal silver with local ceramicists to be
distributed in surrounding communities with limited access to safe water sources
Community English
Participate in 1:1 or 1:few English language learning lessons with community members to
improve their opportunities for employment
Creative Arts, Music & Sports
Lead and participate alongside students in interactive elective offerings that are designed to
supplement traditional school curriculum
Assist in the cultivation of cacao plants and organic fertilizer at a nursery and produce artisan
chocolates with a small women’s collective


Fast Forward...How to Party for Good

The new travel paradigm is participation; travel the world to "do good", learn a new skill or be creative (cooking, dancing, writing), and engage with the local communities (they want to get to know you too). And you will come away with transformative experiences to celebrate your life for good.

Party for good and travel the world with this intention, "leave the communities you engaged with better off than when you original met them; make a lasting difference in people's life...so that future travelers are welcomed with open hearts."

Whatever is missing in your life back at home, you can create it by giving it freely to others while traveling (hope, inspiration, love)The world's vast destinations create opportunities for you to be remarkable...the infinite potential is far and wide, experiencing life through travel will never be the same...start today.

Where Will You Party for Good and With Who?

Freedom is choosing to travel and seeing the world for good. Rewarding is inviting your family and friends to come along, make a difference together, and celebrate life. Join We Party for Good.

April 18, 2014

Get a Job and Earn We Party for Good Reward In Ibiza

Ibiza Party for Good Blog

We are using recruiting to fund and reward fun vacations around the world.....

To celebrate our We Party for Good launch, Recruiting for Good is rewarding 2 all inclusive Ibiza party packages to any software architect, software developer, or sales professional (1 reward per person) we place by May 31, 2015.

You must live in the United States, be a U.S. Citizen, U.S. Resident, or EAD. If you love EDM, partying, or luxury foodie vacations this a trip you do not want to miss.

GettyImages_171294998 3rd page

What you will get? First and foremost you will get a great job, most of our clients are in California, please check out our job board. Your Ibiza We Party for Good Reward includes; airfare, accommodations, dining at top restaurants, and Party with Andrea Feczko Ultra Music Festival Host. Click Here for More Information on We Party for Good.

We only have 10 available spaces for our first ever party in Ibiza, July 16 - July 21.

Why are We Rewarding Fun Vacations?

We stayed in business, because candidates trusted us to get them great jobs.

We also decided to share proceeds by rewarding travel; then hire very good looking recruiters to tease and flirt with you (the last thing you want is your girlfriend or wife to be jealous of your relationship with your recruiter).

We instead reward you amazing and fun vacations....they are priceless....

On our destinations, you will have an opportunity to genuinely connect with women (if you are single) or you can invite your girlfriend/wife to travel with you, make new friends, and have amazing adventures.

How to Get Started and Earn Ibiza Reward?

To qualify, you must refer yourself directly to us; simply submit your resume to our job board or contact carlos@recruitingforgood.com, and when we find a match for your skills, we will contact you; we place you, and we will share a portion of our placement fee to reward you an amazing trip to Ibiza.

Thank you for being part of our success, tell your family and friends about Recruiting for Good, our fun mission is to help people have fun, enjoy life, and vacation for good..

April 10, 2014

Imagine DJs United for GOOD

Ibiza Party for Good Blog

Inspired by Andrea Feczko EDM Host of Ultra, who is leading We Party for Good, a social solution helping people raise money for Green Nonprofits that are working to save Earth, and rewarding people who participate travel to party around the world. "We are Saving Earth One Party at a Time." First Party for Good is in Ibiza.

DJ's United to Change the World

Imagine what the world would be like if like if all DJs united for GOOD, by inspiring their fans to participate and make a difference. Move over Facebook, the new generation of music makers are creating throngs of loyal music fans. When these young artists, put their mind to it and create aspiring music mixes the number of fans watching their videos on Youtube are mind staggering in 100's of million; case in point Martin Garrix "Animals" YouTube has over 200 million views. I bet if you amassed the number of videos and viewership, the number could be more than 100 Billion views.

“Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.” Jimi Hendrix

The number of EDM festivals around the world are growing and so is the fan base. The Electric Daisy Festival attracted over 300,000 fans for three days in Las Vegas in 2013. Ultra Music Festival has upcoming events in Korea, Croatia, Japan, South Africa, and Buenos Aires. Americans travel the world to see their favorite DJs play for 2 hours or more at a time. DJs have the power to deliver messages of love, fun, and excitement that can inspire people to change the world for GOOD.

DJs are Todays and Tomorrows Rockstars

What I love most about DJs? Every time, they end a set or they are interviewed, they always thank their fans for their loyalty and support, the level of humility is remarkable. This is the greatest quality of a leader. Thank you for inspiring me.

"As a rockstar I have two instincts, I want to have fun, and I want to change the world, I have a chance to do both." Bono, U2.

DJs United for GOOD can transform people, countries, and the world. Imagine if all the DJs took on one cause, for one year, and spread one message, I wonder what they would be able to accomplish. End Abuse, End Hunger, End Poverty, or Even Save the Earth. Because "Without the Earth there is NO Party." Andrea Feczko.

What DJ would you follow for GOOD?.