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January 23, 2017

3 Trips to Gift for Mother’s Day


3 Trips to Gift for Mother's Day

This Mother's Day do the unthinkable, gift mom a trip to change her life for good. Did you grow up, are well adjusted, land on your feet, have a great job, or even married or found the love of your life too? Perhaps, mom had something to do with it. If your mom, is anything like my mom, count your lucky stars....and give back to mom any of these trips....

Gift mom an educational fun culinary Tuscany trip with Orbridge Travel.

Gift mom a trip to climb Kilimanjaro on New Years Eve with Whoa Travel.

Gift mom a trip to experience yoga and surfing in Maui with Swell Women.

Want Help Funding a Mom Trip?

We love to help Southern California kids (grown up, minimum of 30 years old), moms (gift grandma) and husbands fund gift mom fun trips. If you love to make a difference, and collaborate; we'll use recruiting for good to help fund one destination that will make a significant difference in her life.

We honor mothers whose dedication inspired daughters and sons to care, contribute, and make life great for all.

Email Carlos@RecruitingforGood.com to learn how to sign up and qualify.


August 24, 2014

Rewarding Taste of Blue for Good

Imagine what your life would be like, if you made a difference, and were rewarded extraordinary travel destinations....that made life incredible.

Enjoy Taste of Blue for Good


Dive with the sharks! Chill with a rock legend! Cruise down the Amazon! Welcome to Taste of Blue, a world of memorable experiences and once-in-a-lifetime adventures brought to you in the form of a brilliant and colorful online marketplace.

Taste of Blue’s mother company Bluefish, a members-only lifestyle management firm and THE premier luxury concierge service for the elite of taste and mind, has been providing its clients with access to an exclusive world of elegance and entertainment for almost 20 years. So what do you get when you take signature experiences designed by Bluefish and offer them to the masses? A VERY good-looking baby.

Created, designed, and managed in-house, Taste of Blue offers packaged Bluefish-esque experiences to anyone and everyone, no membership required.  Itineraries are pre-planned, semi-customizable, and include everything from flying an L-39 in an edge of space flight to attending the Kentucky Derby in Millionaire’s Row.

Think luxury is synonymous with stuffy sport coats and awkward introductions? Not here, my friend! At Bluefish Brands we are all about bringing your dreams to life, minus the pomp and fuss. Who likes canapés anyway?

Taste of Blue is the ultimate online vending machine, a click-to-purchase website created as an experiential go-to guide with highlights that include:

  • Jammed Packed Travel Itineraries
  • Exciting Adventures
  • Exclusive VIP Access
  • Once in a Lifetime Memories

Now offering a whole new array of exhilarating experiences and adventures worldwide, Taste of Blue has never made it easier to connect thrill-seeking individuals with exclusive events they may never have known about otherwise.

How to Earn Taste of Blue Rewards for Good?

Simply join Recruiting for Good to help 100 kids go to the World Cup (rewarding trips to Gonzo Soccer nonprofit supporting under-served communities). People participate by introducing a company that hires us for a search, we find the company a new employee, and from our recruiting fee we fund travel for good; we gift 1 kid a world cup trip, and reward a Taste of Blue Destination for Good.

Rewarding 10 Incredible Taste of Blue Destinations for Good People

1) VIP Attendance to Superbowl.

2) A Culinary Tour With Chef Roy Yamaguchi in Japan.

3) Men's Final Four College Tournament.

4) Private Egyptian Nile Cruise.

5) Super Bowl.

6) Extreme New Zealand Tour.

7) Skydive from 30,000 feet.

8) Experience Zero Gravity.

9) Live Like a Celebrity.

2) A Luxury Safari of India.

Deadline to sign up and earn Superbowl reward is October 15, 2014.

Why Rewarding Incredible?

If you are a rockstar in life, and are willing to collaborate, and participate to help kids; we love to reward you accordingly. Another reason for rewarding incredible, is so you can share your reward and experience with someone else, and that will make a difference in their life.

Lastly, you can gift your incredible reward to whoever you want; Christmas, New Years, birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day, Graduations, Mother's Day (will never be the same).

Thank You for Allowing to Inspire You

We look forward to making a difference in your life, you will make a difference in a child's life, and together we will make the world a great place to live.

Ready to Start Travelling for Good

Contact carlos@recruitingforgood.com today

Where will you go on your next adventure with Taste of Blue?.

April 1, 2014

Go or Gift a Safari for GOOD

If you have ever got up close to a pride of lions, you will know just what the lady means.  www.african-wildlife-safari.com

 Why Go or Gift a Safari for GOOD?

It will change your life and the people you gift travel to. The ultimate adventure and most sought after destination in the world is going on a safari. Now you can see and experience a safari for GOOD.

How Can You Safari for GOOD

We are using recruiting for good collaboratively to help fund safaris. People introduce us to clients who can retain us for recruiting services or candidates who are looking for jobs. We generate proceeds to reward referrals with an opportunity to fund causes and travel. Our cause this year is to help a local school (Santa Clarita Charter School, SCVi) in Los Angeles travel to India in October. When you join our funding solution for your safari not only will you experience Africa like never before, but you will positively impact the lives students at home and abroad. What makes the trip to India special is the local school has had an exchange program with a school in India; and this is the first time the American kids travel to India.

Give Back to Mom a Safari for GOOD

Do something remarkable this Mother's Day? Gift mom a safari for GOOD. If you join our funding solution you can gift a safari for GOOD to who ever you want in the world. Do it and your mom will always talk about you in the highest regards to friends, family, and the community at large.

Give Back to Your Kids In College a Safari for GOOD

We recently connected with a company that provides educational and authentic travel experiences in Africa.  Edu Tours Africa, that will make a significant difference in your kids' lives.

Give Back to Your #1 Employee a Safari for GOOD

You want to retain your top talent. Gift them vacation experiences that will change their life.

Years ago, I remember one of my top employees was asking to be rewarded a Porsche we were talking about winning a huge lottery and rewarding each other amazing things. You want to reward your top employees a life changing experience, reward them a safari for GOOD. We can help you fund your employee's safari for GOOD.

Need Some Inspiration for Safari Travel

Check out Infinite Safari Adventures, Anastasias Africa, Edu Tours Africa, Go Eat Give.

There are many travel companies to choose from. And a variety of experiences to be had. The best thing about Africa, is that you can continue to go back; see and experience new things every time. Some of the top activities include; the grand migration, tracking gorillas, photography adventures, ballooning over Serengeti, and climbing Kilimanjaro.

How Safari Tour Companies & Travel Agents Can Help Schools Travel

Introduce us to clients that need funding for their tour or their flights, and we will raise monies on their behalf using recruiting for good; rewarding travel and matching monies raised to help local schools travel.

When is a GOOD Time to Go Safari....Today

Quoting one of my friends Alan Feldstein, founder of Infinite Safari Adventures, "Someday is Now!"

Contact carlos@recruitingforgood.com to fund your safari for GOOD, and help local schools travel today.

What has been your favorite safari experience?.

July 1, 2013

Creating Social Equality Through Free Travel

Creating Social Equality Through Free Travel.

In our recent conversations with people, about making free travel possible, we have run into a certain segment of the population, who seems annoyed and put off by the idea that travel makes a difference.

"Only the rich, who can afford anything, anytime, call travel a luxury." Because they seem unaware about how the rest of us live. Recent facts about the economy, only accentuate the growing difference between the people who have wealth, and the people who do not have wealth (especially disposable income to enjoy travel).

Large Group of Happy People standing together.

How are We Creating Social Equality?

We are taking recruiting and making it collaborative to help people enjoy life. Traveling abroad makes a difference. Only people who travel all the time, don't appreciate traveling abroad.

But imagine what life would be like if a family who earns $52,000 traveled and experienced a safari at no cost to them. Now that is a life changing experience.

Collaborative Fundraising

Why Collaborative?

Because gifting travel without participation creates co-dependency; it dis-empowers people. The government already provides free basic needs to people; we are not a government agency, we are a co-op serving and helping people. And participation in collaborative solutions empowers people to appreciate their own effort, self-worth, and the results of the process; which through our co-op are life changing benefits and opportunities to enjoy free travel.

Free Money

How are We Making Luxury Travel Obsolete?

Money should not divide us; it should unite us. By creating a solution to afford people free travel, we create a society of equality, everyone has the opportunity to live and enjoy life.

Finding Talent

The New and Old Adage Makes a Difference

Have you ever heard? It is who you know that makes a difference. Social networks are counting on you to work for free for them. Every time you make a social connection online, they are adding monetary value to their network. They do so, by selling access to you (advertising, marketing), your history of online browsing, and that of your social contacts too. Why not use your social contacts to benefit your life? Now you can....

Use Your Contacts to Benefit Your Life

In recruiting, the more people we are connected to, the more money we can generate. That is the founding premise of using recruiting for good. Through collaboration, we empower people to use their own social contacts to generate monies through recruiting and make a difference in their life, their family, and their community. These monies are used to fund free travel.



Exclusive Luxury Travel Be Gone+We're Making Every Destination Possible 

Starting With Summer 2014 We are Funding 100 Safari Trips

Ever wanted to go to a safari, but you did not have the money? Now you can go. Join our co-op to qualify for funding; we are using recruiting for good to make all travel possible, even trips that seem to be accessible to only the rich. We are using 35 years of recruiting expertise to find people great jobs, and share proceeds to create social equality. Must live in the U.S., we meet everyone we fund for in person.

Use Your Contacts to Benefit Others

If you are one of the few who already has experienced a safari, why not use your social contacts to gift someone an experience of a lifetime.

With your contacts, we can create and gift this safari experience to anyone you like. Imagine gifting your parents a trip to Africa for their anniversary, or your boyfriend for his birthday, or your friends' honeymoon, or for Christmas you can acknowledge your favorite employee, or gift an early mother's day gift. The possibilities to gift travel are endless, and at the same time fulfilling. Gifting travel invites the possibilities of creating lasting memories, that transform lives.

Join Our Co-Op

If this blog inspires you, we would love to connect and help make all your free travel possible.

Need Great Travel Ideas

We are looking for more "bucket list" travel ideas to help fund. Tell us where would you go, if you could go, and experience anything? What's your travel bucket list?