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January 23, 2017

3 Trips to Gift for Mother’s Day


3 Trips to Gift for Mother's Day

This Mother's Day do the unthinkable, gift mom a trip to change her life for good. Did you grow up, are well adjusted, land on your feet, have a great job, or even married or found the love of your life too? Perhaps, mom had something to do with it. If your mom, is anything like my mom, count your lucky stars....and give back to mom any of these trips....

Gift mom an educational fun culinary Tuscany trip with Orbridge Travel.

Gift mom a trip to climb Kilimanjaro on New Years Eve with Whoa Travel.

Gift mom a trip to experience yoga and surfing in Maui with Swell Women.

Want Help Funding a Mom Trip?

We love to help Southern California kids (grown up, minimum of 30 years old), moms (gift grandma) and husbands fund gift mom fun trips. If you love to make a difference, and collaborate; we'll use recruiting for good to help fund one destination that will make a significant difference in her life.

We honor mothers whose dedication inspired daughters and sons to care, contribute, and make life great for all.

Email Carlos@RecruitingforGood.com to learn how to sign up and qualify.


November 11, 2016

Celebrate Your Life, After Trump


Celebrate Your Life, After Trump

For the next 4 years, we will make excuses to our family and friends around the world about what has become of America, and come to terms with what daily life will be like for each and every one us.

Answer: Become a Better Version of You

If you are an optimist like me, find your joy and power in a greater life purpose, make a difference, create meaningful and personal relationships with family and friends that share similar values (build your community), and inspire those around you to See the World for Good.


I'm Celebrating My Life By Helping Women 

Make a Difference & Rewarding Fun Travel

Yes, I created a rewarding high purpose travel service just for women, who are optimists like me; The Beauty Foodie Travel Club. If you live in Southern California, and participate in our referral travel reward service; my company, Recruiting for Good, will generate proceeds on your behalf to donate monies to your favorite local nonprofits (also church and schools), and reward you luxury travel savings to experience the World's Best Food & Wine Festivals; Aspen, Cayman Islands, and Hawaii (Maui).

Join us to help fund Aut2bfit, a nonprofit started by Kristina Bant, single mom of awesome autistic kid, USC graduate, and Duathlete...trying to do it all, in this crazy world of ours; and enjoy all inclusive trip to Aspen Food Festival.

We have partnered up with a fully licensed travel agency, Silver Lining Travel, that can design the perfect girlfriend Beauty Foodie getaway....and we can help fund and reward your trip...

Don't concentrate on the things you can not change (Trump Presidency), invest time on the experiences that matter to you, make a difference in your local community, and enjoy travel to celebrate your life and party for good.

....How are you celebrating your life?

January 26, 2016

Fund Gift Foodie Maui Party for Good Trip


Fund Gift Foodie Maui Party

Imagine, this year gifting a fun trip to Hawaii's Food and Wine Festival, make a difference, and party for good.

Why can't making a difference...be outrageously fun, and rewarding.....we are using recruiting for good collaboratively to do just that. Our mission is "helping people see the world for good."

We launched a new personal travel service to help people who work and volunteer at nonprofits, schools, and in community projects; fund gift family and friends fun Goodie travel vacation destinations that make a difference.

Participate in Our Fun Personal Service

Enjoy All-Inclusive Hawaii Food & Wine Festival to Party for Good 

2 Round-Trip Flights with Virgin America from L.A. or S.D.

5 Nights at Kaanapali Alii 1 Bedroom Ocean Front Oct. 13-17

2 Tickets to Main Event (Festival Oct 14-16 More Info. Coming Soon)

Foodie vegas

How We Make a Difference?


By attending and partying at the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival

Proceeds Support Hawaii Community (Agriculture and Education)

sign up

We are Rewarding Funding for Just 25 Fun Trips

Why only 25? Because we are grateful for your participation, and reciprocate by rewarding extraordinary experiences.

Contact Carlos@RecruitingforGood.com to Sign Up Today

Rewarding Trips On a First Come Basis and No Later than April 1, 2016

November 13, 2015

Get a Great Tech Job & Travel the World

Safari Kenya

Imagine what life would be like if you found a great a job you love, and earned a trip to see the world.....We are using recruiting for good to do just that; help people find life and work rewarding.

  1. Simply submit your resume for a tech job; submit here.
  2. We find you a fulltime job you love, and you complete your probation period.
  3. We reward you a portion of our placement fee to fund any of the following fun destinations;

Adventure Kenya Safari

Alaska Cruise for Two

Family Mexico Vacation

Romantic Weekends

Scotland Golf Getaway

Seven Nights in Maui

If you want to design your own trip, we will reward $2,500 toward that destination. Simply contact Carlos@RecruitingforGood.com today to plan your next destination and start earning travel savings for good.

Our mission is to help people experience travel and see the world, join our fun cause We Travel for Good to get started today. And tell your family and friends how they can save 50% off or more on their travel destinations too.

Where would you like to travel to next?