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May 4, 2017

Rewarding 10KickassWomen Foodie Travel


Do You Kickass in Life & Love Foodie Travel...

We are selectively choosing to help fund and reward foodie travel for 10 women each year...to qualify you must live in the U.S., be in good standing in the community, and have a LinkedIn profile.

Join us to earn a Foodie Vacation. We are using recruiting collaboratively to reward referrals with meaningful travel to sign up and qualify for our exclusive rewarded trips email; Carlos@BeautyFoodieTravel.com

We reward high quality travel experiences to show our appreciation....referrals allow us to connect talented professionals to great jobs, and change their life.

Enjoy trips to France and Italy with Classic Journeys to learn more check out; A Taste of Tuscany, and Bon Appetit Provence.

Enjoy trips to Spain with Epitourean, to learn more check out: A Taste of Andalucia.

We love to help women fund gift a trip for their mom....start today.

Have more questions? E-mail Carlos@RecruitingforGood.com

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January 23, 2017

Rewarding Candidates 100 Adventures


Rewarding Candidates 100 Adventures

If you haven't heard, we are using recruiting for good to create work+life balance by funding and rewarding travel. Do you love to travel and see the world? We love to help you do both. Simply participate in Recruiting for Good, by doing either step to earn any destination;

  1. Submit your resume for a technical position, and complete 120 days of employment.
  2. Refer a family member or friend who is looking for a technical job, (they complete 120 days of employment).

Have Questions or Want to Start Today....


We love to reward any of the following destinations;

Foodie Destinations by Epitourean.com

Athens, BarcelonaIrish Coast, Majorca, Mexico (Puebla), New York, South Africa, Thailand


Africa: BotswanaKenyaMadagascar, Namibia, South AfricaTanzania, Uganda

Asia: Bali, Bali Lombok SailingBeijing to Hong Kong, Cambodia, ChinaIndia, India to NepalJapanMaldives, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, SumatraThailand, Vietnam,

Australia; Brisbane to Cairns, Outback, Surfing AdventureSydney to Brisbane, West Australia, New Zealand; North Island, South Island

Central America: BelizeBritish Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Jamaica, MexicoNicaragua, Panama.

Europe: Belgium Beer Tour, France (Burgundy River Cruise, Loire Valley CycleQuintessential Burgundy), Croatia to Montenegro, Greece (Sailing Athens to Mykonos, Sailing Mykonos to Santorini), Iceland, Ireland, Italy (Amalfi CoastCycling Tuscany, Hiking Tuscany, San Gimiganano, SicilySorrento, Umbria), Romania, Spain (Cycle North Spain, Moorish SpainWalk Camino Santiago), Trekking Mont Blanc, Turkey.

North Africa/Middle East: Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Morocco.

South America: Argentina (Buenos Aires IguassuMendoza), Bolivia, Brazil (North BrazilRio Carnival), Chile (Easter IslandPatagonia), ColombiaEcuador, Galapagos, Peru (Amazon Riverboat, Machu Picchu).

Silver Lining Travel (Celebrity Cruises)

Alaska Hubbard Glacier, Bermuda New EnglandEastern Caribbean, French Riviera, IsraelItaly Greek Isles, Japan ExplorerNew Orleans Mardi Gras (2018), New ZealandPanama CanalPortugal AzoresSouth Pacific Cruise, Southern Caribbean, Spain and Canary Islands, Spain France Italy, TahitiWestern Mediterranean.

We look forward to rewarding you travel to see the world for good...where would you like to travel to next?

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January 6, 2017

Now Rewarding Good Travel


Now Rewarding Good Travel

Bringing balance to work and life...by continuing our tradition to use recruiting for good, we help people find great jobs they love, and now are generating proceeds to help families, friends, and kids enjoy travel to see the world.

Starting in 2017, our mission is to help Southern California residents (optimists), that make a difference and volunteer in the community; fund gift family and friends fun BDay trips to see the world.


We're rewarding referrals with travel destinations. If you love travel and gifting start today by emailing; Recruiting for Good founder, Carlos Cymerman carlos@recruitingforgood.com. "I take the time to get to know you, answer questions, and help chose the perfect trip to gift and share."


In 2017, every fund gifted destination will be for two people. Our 3 top global gifting trips are; Australia, Bhutan, and Italy (limited spaces per destinations). For those of you, who can't getaway for more than 5 days, we're helping gift all-inclusive weekends to Napa, NY, and Vegas.


Mom+Kids 2018 Europe Trips

Now taking reservations for exclusive Europe Disney Cruise and Land Destinations; including Paris river cruises with Parlay Vacay....now you can travel and learn French.

We look forward to celebrating life, gifting travel, and helping awesome people see the world for good


"My mom gifted me travel while growing up that helped me the man I am today. I want to use my talent for good, to help others gift family and friends trips to celebrate life, share, and see the world for good together." Founder, Recruiting for Good.

Where in the World Would You Like to Celebrate Your BDay Next?

Choose 1 destination that will change your life, participate in Recruiting for Good, and we'll help you get there.

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December 6, 2015

Get a Great Tech Job & Travel to See the World

travel to see the world

Rewarding Travel for Good

Our fun mission is to help people see the world for good. We are using recruiting to fund and reward global travel. We love to help people gift and share travel, join us to do both.

How Can You Find a Great Tech Job and Earn Rewarding Travel?

Start by submitting your resume, click here. We will contact you, with open positions that match your skills. After we find you a great job and you complete your probation period, we reward you any of these amazing destinations that will change your life for good;

  1. Africa Adventure Safari
  2. Australia Great Barrier Reef
  3. Costa Rica Fun Adventure
  4. Italy Trip Rome to Tuscany
  5. Thailand Hike, Bike & Kayak

Want to Make a Difference With Your Family or Friends?

You can gift and pay forward your travel reward to anyone living in the U.S.

Where Would You Like to Travel to in the Next 12 Months? 

Let us know, so we can reward you the destinations you desire most...launching in January 2016...We Travel for Good, a personal funding service helping families and friends who gift and share travel; save 50% or more on destinations to see the world for good.

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