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August 9, 2017

Men Surprise Your Girlfriend or Wife…With a Special Date


Men Surprise Your Girlfriend or Wife...With a Special Date

When was the last time....you surprised her with a fun date....if you do it all the time...good for you. This is a chance to honor and show how much you care (perhaps, win brownie points for a future day). She will have the time of her life, there is no cost associated to attend the party...Recruiting for Good is sponsoring the party as part of their fun summer heartfelt message...."We're celebrating women who kickass at home, work, and in the community...with creative writing contests...and parties too." It's their fun way to give back.

If you have any questions about the party, and want to give your girlfriend or wife a reason to dress up...we are rewarding the most fashionably dressed our Signature Beauty Foodie Shopping Day.

Email Carlos@WePartyforGood.com

July 25, 2017

Join Westside Beauty Foodie Club


Join Westside Beauty Foodie Club

The purpose is to celebrate and reward grandmas, great moms, and grown up daughters (who are past their college, and in the trenches of life, figuring it out) and whose contributions, effort, and sacrifice at work, home, and the community kickass...we thank you for making life more fun, fulfilling, and meaningful....

How to Join Club?

  1. RSVP to attend one of our outrageously fun invite only parties this August; Belgian Chocolates & Melting Chair Massages (bring a plus one, for 10 women only), Breakfast with a Purpose (for 'Coming of Age' kids, limited to 5 moms and 5 kids), Celebrate the Best of Paris on Montana Avenue (Most Fashionable Outfit Wins, Beauty Foodie Shopping Escape Day, make a date or bring a girlfriend or two)....choose your reward Montana Avenue or Santa Monica Place.
  2. Kickass, make a difference, and inspire others to do the same.
  3. Live on the Westside....if you love being creative, it's a big plus.

Most parties are for group of 10 (kids, parents,women)....except Celebrate Best of Paris for 30 beautiful Westside residents (15 couples or 30 women).

Why Create a Beauty Foodie Club?

"It's my way to honor my mom who taught me kickass values, and I continue to appreciate my sisters, and nieces who I adore and love." Carlos, Founder of Recruiting for Good. Giving back by creating meaningful fun experiences through fun purposeful celebrations, I can make a positive and long lasting difference in moms, families, and kids' lives....and together we grow from within.

Want to know more....RSVP Today to enjoy our intimate and invite only parties; email Carlos@WePartyforGood.com

September 7, 2016

Rewarding 50% Off Travel for Good


As our company, Recruiting for Good continues to evolve, inspire, and reward travel. We look forward to using recruiting collaboratively to serve people who make a difference in the U.S. and participate in a our personal travel funding service.

We are excited to offer some exciting trips for two people that will significantly make a difference in your life. If you love to share travel often, and save 50% or more, then just participate in Recruiting for Good to earn rewards.

Here are just some of the exciting and limited 2017 rewards we are offering;

Perfect Trip for Moms

Beauty Foodie Maui Getaway (Inspired By Single Moms Planet) Rewarding just 5 trips ($6,500 value reward)

Perfect Trip for Couples or Friends

Enjoy 50% off Rothschild 13 Day Africa Safari (for 2 people including flights) Rewarding just 5 trips, ($7,500 value reward)

Perfect Trip for Couples or Friends

Enjoy 50% off Nada's Tuscany Trip for 2 (small group travel including flights) Rewarding just 5 trips, ($7,500 value reward)

Perfect Trip for Millennials

Enjoy 50% off The Remote Experience (See 4 Countries in 3 Months + flight) Rewarding just 5 trips, ($6,500 value reward).

Every month, we will find new destinations/resorts/tours to offer the community and save 50% off or more.

Have questions about how it all works, contact carlos@recruitingforgood.com.

Also enter our fun contest, "How do you make America great?" And win a trip for 2 to celebrate New Year's in Hawaii.

April 28, 2016

Enjoy Travel Rewards for Good

recruiting for good

Enjoy Travel Rewards for Good

Why Reward Travel

Besides finding a great job you love, or finding someone to love and start a family with; travel is rewarding, and gift great life experiences. You can experience travel by yourself, or share it with family and friends. Imagine if every year, you were rewarded a new destination to experience the world.....and even accomplish your bucket lists.

Thank You for Allowing Us to Use Recruiting for Good

Recruiting for Good is launching 3 Fun Travel Bucket Lists. If our recruiting agency found you a great job over the past 20 years, we would love to use recruiting for good to benefit your life and reward you travel first. It’s our way of saying Thank You, for keeping us business.

Recruiting for Good is now a cause based staffing company with a mission to fund and reward travel that makes a difference. People participate by making referrals to earn travel rewards for good.

In 2017, we are rewarding fun bucket list travel destinations with G Adventures to Australia, Burgundy, Greece, India, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Norway, and Spain.

Rewarding 3 Fun Travel Bucket Lists

We created fun "Bucket List," something for everyone.

Live Your Destinations 55

Rewarding women only travel to make a difference in 5 continents, and helping support local women initiatives. Women helping Women see the world for good.

Kickass for a cause

Rewarding men and women multi-sport travel adventures and physical feats; accomplish them to win donations for local causes. Kickass for a Cause.


Rewarding men and women travel to experience and celebrate the 7 Natural Wonders of the World Tour, during New Years or a local cultural festival. Celebrate Earth for Good.

100 People Travel

Our mission is to reward 100 people travel every year that makes a difference in their life. You can join our fun travel reward service to share or gift your family and friends amazing Bucket List destinations.

If you are interested in traveling often, and would like to participate, please feel free to contact me. As always, I love to meet for lunch or coffee, and discuss your travel for the next year.

Thank you for entrusting us to stay in business and do good.