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    Find Your Purpose

We Make Mentoring Fun & Certified Old School Fresh....

Find joy at work, create meaningful relationships, and bring balance to your life.

No apps, no SKYPE, just real connections...we meet in person and deliver 1 on 1 mentoring@Santa Monica's best coffee shops. We mentor kids (min.10 years old) to adults (125 years old); our mentoring service is free only on Sundays 7-10 am.

Email Carlos@RecruitingforGood.com to make an appointment for mentoring.

Are you a parent of a millennial? And want to help your child find a job they love...contact us today.


Carlos the Purpose Mentor

You mostly know me for recruiting for good, if you want to learn more about my mentoring experience, and what makes me uniquely qualified to purposefully kick your ass into gear, and help you today, click here.

robin salter

Robin Salter Serving Millennials with Purpose

A passionate mom who has three Millennial daughters contributing to society, living on their own, and successful.

Robin has two Masters Degrees, one in Education, and one Organizational Development, she has been mentoring for more than 12 years, has been teaching creative writing, and has published books.

"Has your son or daughter graduated from college, and is living at home...Robin can help get them in action ...find a job to love...and enjoy life."


For Men Looking for Purpose & More

Edward Ellman has been mentoring people for over 40 years. He has led businesses in consumer electronics, financial services, food, construction supplies, retail, and wholesale. He has been CEO and COB for for profit and non-profit organizations. He has three. children and six grandchildren. He resides in Santa Monica, California.