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    We Party for Good


When you love your life, and work...you Party for Good...start today
Recruiting for Good sponsors fun intimate and purposeful invite only Santa Monica parties to celebrate life often, create meaningful relationships, and grow from within ...come party for good today...

"Nine years ago, I made a conscious choice to transform my life and community; I found my joy and purpose thru intentional service." Founder, Carlos.

Join Our Invite Only Parties

This October...Grow from Within


Learn French & Grow from Within

Recruiting for Good is sponsoring small intimate classes to reward heart centered Westside women, men, and kids too; who make our community the best.

Why learn Conversational French with us? We have a creative and fun way to inspire learning that will make everyone love, live, and laugh often.

Email Carlos@WePartyforGood.com to RSVP today (class size limited to 10 students)

new party with Kristen

Freedom is Enjoying the Things You Love Often

Reward Yourself Chocolate & Grow from Within...

RSVP Please to Attend Invite Only Party (limited spots available).

RFG FLYER speaker series breakfast

Coming in November

We look forward to connecting with Westside parents, who would love to inspire their kids to explore what it means to find a job and profession you love. We are sponsoring Breakfast with a Purpose to create an intimate and fun setting for 5 kids and 5 parents to interact with passionate creators, contributors, and professionals.

If you like to attend one of our sponsored breakfast email Carlos@RecruitingforGood.com

If you are passionate about your profession, and would love to inspire kids, please email Carlos@RecruitingforGood.com, we welcome your arrival.

 Here are Just Some of Our Past Celebrations 

In 2016, One Word 'Gratitude' Changed the World

Belgian Chocolates & Melting Chair Massages, 4th of July We Party for Good

French Fun Creative Le Macaron PartyBeauty Foodie Fashion Party

In Summer 2017, 2 Words Changed the World


Choose 1 Word that Can Change the World....and Tell Us Why (Write a Paragraph)

WinnersEmily Rajcic 'Participation' and Yvonne Araiza 'Sabona'