June 30, 2017

A Fun Chapter in My Life…Zen Rizing

No One Ever Made a Difference By Being Like Everyone Else...

P.T. Barnum...Movie

A Fun Chapter in My Kickass Life...Zen Rizing

There no accidents...in life, I have been lucky enough to be aware, and fully vested to experience everything that comes my way. I am grateful to be included in some outrageously fun events....for me that is a party for good.

Every day is an opportunity to seize and make the most of it, follow your passion to kickass and party for good. In 2011, I met the band members of Zen Rizing, and fell in love with their music. They were all originally from Tennessee and Texas, and their dream was to make it big in LA, land a record deal, and have fun along the way. I was very fortunate to sponsor their road trip from LA to San Diego, on August 11, 2011. And for one day, I lived like a rockstar...and since then, my life has been a grateful life celebration.

By the way, that year, Zen Rizing, did open for the Doors at The Roxy Theater on Sunset Blvd.

I am restarting the party for good tradition this summer, 2017, and sponsoring celebrations to reward men and women who kickass...fun parties on July 3rd and 4th....stay tuned....more parties coming soon.

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