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    Recruiting for Good

Why Recruiting for Good...Join Our Mission

Helping Everyone Find a Kickass Job they Love


Who is Recruiting for Good

Since 1998...Delivering Professional Staffing Solutions

Our recruiting team has over 50 years of collective experience. Over the last 19 years, we have personally served companies and talented professionals who entrusted us to represent them.

We love recruiting for good and are humbled by the opportunity to positively impact lives every day. 

We're celebrating our upcoming 20 year anniversary by making our work more fun and fulfilling, by;

-Collaborating with Our Moms Work, an agency helping moms find jobs they love.

-Connecting professionals to kickass jobs, so they can be responsible contributors and enjoy life.

-Inspiring and celebrating our cause, Our Moms Work, by creating extraordinary Santa Monica parties.

Kickass and Party for Good Start Today.


How is Recruiting for Good Different

Helping Companies Find the Best Talent Often

Come hire experienced, friendly, and responsible professionals.

We deliver a personal service, and work with companies to develop long term staffing solutions. We have a reputation for finding the best Accounting/Finance, Engineering, Information Technology, and Operation professionals in a timely manner. Check out our recruiting services to get started today. 

Over the years, we have been fortunate to make a positive impact at companies; by placing managers (directors), and building teams.

"Last year, I helped Virgin Galactic find their top software architect, the position had been open for 6 months, I filled in 5 weeks." Carlos, Senior Recruiter 

Our Recruiting Pledge is to passionately work on behalf of candidates; so that we connect professionals to kickass jobs and find life fulfilling.

Delivering Timely Sourcing and Making a Difference

We are continuously developing and sourcing candidates; and are often contacted by other recruiting agencies to help fill their jobs. Send us your jobs to get results and save time today.

We Inspire & Mentor Professionals to Find Work Rewarding

Many companies have problems hiring, managing, and retaining employees. Our personal mentoring service empowers professionals to find self-fulfillment and joy at work; while lessening the burden employers feel. 

We Sponsor Fun Parties for Good to Celebrate Working Moms 

Join the love mission Our Moms Work

"We celebrate and inspire moms to find jobs they love that offer flexibility, equal pay/benefits, and opportunities to grow within." 

Come to our parties celebrating working moms...email Carlos@WePartyforGood.com.


Carlos Cymerman
Passionate Driven Founder

“I am honoring my Mom who inspired me to kickass and party for good.”

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For Recruiting Services: 1 310 395-4497
For Job Mentoring+Parties: 1 310 720-8324
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