August 1, 2017

2 Words and 2 Women Change the World


2 Words and 2 Women Change the World

We are grateful for all the women who participated in our writing events in Santa Monica, you inspired, moved, and touched our lives....each and everyone of you made a difference by inviting friends, moms, even dads, and kids to participate too.

Last year we rewarded 'Gratitude,' this year we were looking for something different and unique...and we were not disappointed.

"Sabona," if you google it you will find very little on it. Yvonne Araiza, one of the winners chose it, "Sabona, means 'I See You,' in my mentoring program this was always our greeting at the beginning, 'Ya Bo Sabona' is the response, I see you seeing me. This changed my life the first time it was explained to me. It grew a light in me to know, I was seen. As a 13 year old girl, to be 'seen' made an impact to always be greeted that way made me want to 'see' others, past their surfaces, past their stories, their walls, I believe others need to be seen as well."

Nothing in the world really happens without this word, "Participation," Emily Rajcic writes, "The purpose of life is relative, many stories, words, and opinions drive humanity, Who are we? Why are we here? The greatest answer to our biggest questions is not a truth or knowledge, it is a willingness to participate in the search. To be unaware, and uninvolved is the death of all great things. It is my hope that humanity finds passion in participating in life and the search for what it truly means to live a great one."

By sharing universally and expressing ourselves from our heart...we can see the world for good...we look forward to seeing and meeting you at our next inner beauty writing event...Come Celebrate Paris on Montana Avenue...and RSVP for Good.